Date:March 06, 2017

PAPER Session Qualifiers 2017


Dear Sponsors,

Thank you for your participation in the Paper Session on February 25th.   The student participants did a great job.

Choosing the fifteen papers that we are allowed to send to the state competition was a difficult task.  Gold papers were read two more times by volunteers at the Paper Session.  These two scores were added to the original judges’ score to produce a cumulative number.  Based on these sums, the following papers have been chosen to represent Region 2 at the State Exposition on May 5th  in Dekalb, IL.

Student                                                                                School

Gabriel Calisto                                                                   Guerin Prep

Shannon Heitschmidt                                                     St. Daniel the Prophet

Casey Kowalsky                                                                St. Daniel the Prophet

Erica Stehlik                                                                        St. Daniel the Prophet

Sheila Murphy                                                                   St. Edward

Brenda Perez                                                                     St. Genevieve

Meghan Barney                                                                St. Juliana

Sarah Hrubecky                                                                St. Leonard

Gavin Lantis                                                                        St. Leonard

Hugo Nunez                                                                       St. Leonard

Jude Vincent                                                                      St. Leonard

Lauren Jenkins                                                                  St. Mary – Buffalo Grove

Joseph Nowak                                                                   St. Paul of the Cross

Trinity Lee, Cadence Mark                                            St. Therese Chinese Catholic


The following students are alternates and will attend the state competition in place of a student who cannot attend.  They are listed in the order in which they will be chosen.


Justin Woo/A. Balogun                                                  St. Therese Chinese Catholic

Fiona Heneghan                                                               St. Juliana

If you have any questions, please direct them to Julie Zawilinski, or Rebecca Kniebusch,

If you have students attending the State Exposition, you will need to provide one judge for every two papers or fraction thereof.